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The Power of Humor to Drive Organizational Change

This is a podcast episode titled, The Power of Humor to Drive Organizational Change. The summary for this episode is: <p>Humor is the language of culture change, and at Cheetah we don’t do boring. So we recruited&nbsp;<strong>Tom Fishburne</strong>; one of the funniest people in marketing, to deliver a session that will leave you laughing out loud, but also thinking about how you can implement cultural change to empower and inspire your team.</p><p>Join this session for a raft of cartoons, case studies, and comedic punchlines fused with ways to discuss topics in marketing that are otherwise difficult to talk about. Click the image below to add your best caption and Tom will show a few submissions in this session. In fact, his favorite caption will win an oversize print of it for their office wall!</p>