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The Customer Engagement Suite Difference with Torchy's Tacos CMO

This is a podcast episode titled, The Customer Engagement Suite Difference with Torchy's Tacos CMO. The summary for this episode is: <p>Many Cheetah Digital clients have adopted our full Customer Engagement Suite (CES) to power their long term relationships from first touch with a consumer through their becoming a loyal customer and brand advocate. In this session with&nbsp;<strong>Scott Hudler, CMO for Torchy’s Tacos</strong>, we explore their customer engagement vision and why the CES was the right decision for their plans. From acquiring customers, engaging them from a single platform and building long lasting loyalty, you’ll get a first hand account of the process and decisions that go into charting a successful future with the right technology partner. </p><p><br></p><p>Scott sits down with Cheetah Digital’s VP of Content, Tim Glomb, from one of their Austin, Texas locations to chat about all things marketing. Grab your seat now and join us for a session that’s bound to make you hungry while you watch.</p><p><br></p>