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Value Exchange: Relationship Marketing Use Case

This is a podcast episode titled, Value Exchange: Relationship Marketing Use Case. The summary for this episode is: <p>The customer value exchange should be at the core of creating compelling campaigns; marketers can deliver online experiences that build relationships with customers by directly asking for their preferences in exchange for continuous, personalized interactions with the brand. Marketers need to develop different value propositions based on the maturity of the relationship with their customers, offering relevant rewards for their participation throughout the customer lifetime.</p>
Relationship Marketing Matrix
01:39 MIN
What is a Value Exchange?
00:54 MIN
Collect psychographic data insights
01:01 MIN
Be transparent, privacy compliant
00:36 MIN
Discovery, Air New Zealand and Vodafone
00:50 MIN
Turn ad dollars into data
00:47 MIN
The 3 main takeaways
01:27 MIN