PULSE Podcast: Special Edition

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This is a podcast episode titled, PULSE Podcast: Special Edition. The summary for this episode is: <p>Join&nbsp;<strong>Patrick Tripp</strong>&nbsp;&amp;&nbsp;<strong>Nick Einstein</strong>&nbsp;from the Product Marketing Team at Cheetah Digital for a special PULSE product podcast that will cover new platform innovations, updated support packages, Cheetah Learning, and an overview of our new advocacy and community program. Cheetah customers won’t want to miss this rocking session.</p>
4 key themes of Signals21: Creating a value exchange with consumers, real-time engagement, unifying loyalty, knowing what is knowable about the customer.
02:30 MIN
The concept of relationship marketing.
00:54 MIN
Creating a value exchange with consumers from moment one in the customer relationship.
00:55 MIN
Moving from static batch orientated engagement to real-time engagement.
01:14 MIN
Loyalty programs should be united across the entire organization
01:09 MIN
Knowing all that is knowable about the customer
00:57 MIN
The Cheetah Circle community - the learning and business environment for Cheetah customers.
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Patrick: Welcome back to Pulse, the Cheetah Product podcast. We have episode 18 here, a special Signals 2021 edition. Nick, great to be back.

Nick: Great to be here. Patrick. Looking forward to digging in.

Patrick: Lot to cover today and really recap a lot of the sessions from week two of Signals 21, the innovation week. But we always start Pulse with the discussion around music and what's really resonating out there. As the world is hopefully starting to get back to somewhat normal, concerts are happening sporadically. I've gone to a few myself recently, Billy Joel at Fenway Park. That was actually great with my wife. I did see Toad the Wet Sprocket in Boston area recently. Black Crows. Concerts are back. Interesting. A couple of them they have pushed out to next year but it's great to be back at music venues.

Nick: Yeah, it is. It is. I'm about to catch Wilco, which I was supposed to see, I think last March. Got postponed to October. Looking forward to that. Love some Jeff Tweedy and My Morning Jacket penciled in potentially, Jim James in Seattle be a lot of fun too. See about that.

Patrick: Yeah, really interesting. But it's great to be at these shows. Some of them are outdoors. Some of them are indoors but we're making it work. But onto the business at hand, really talking about Signals 21, a lot of great keynotes, a lot of great sessions. Innovation week, we're wrapping up innovation week here. We had some great content from Bill Ingram. We had some content from Manoj Goyal, who talked about our product vision and talked about relationship marketing, which we'll dig into a little bit. Four key themes kind of emerged from Bill and even Manoj's speech. First was around a value exchange, really creating that essential beginning of that relationship with consumers and establishing trust through zero party data. Secondly, about real time engagement, really being able to react in the moments that matter with speed and accuracy and context. Third, it's around unifying loyalty in marketing, really bringing those worlds together for more retention related longer customer lifecycle orientated journeys. And the last is really about knowing all that is knowable about the customer and really introducing the concept of a B to C CRM, which is really an alternative to all the niche CDPs out there. And certainly those tired data warehouses and monolithic data approaches that these other vendors provide.

Nick: Yep. Yep, indeed, indeed. And I got deep with the product leaders across the org on those specific themes. Had a great panel with them as well.

Patrick: That's great. And we'll get into that in a moment, but it really all is circled around this concept of relationship marketing. And this is really our mantra now at Cheetah Digital. It's really about how to establish that long lasting relationship with customers across the entire lifecycle, where everything from very first touch to engagement, to more deeper personalization and it taps into the platform, it taps into this concept of B to C CRM. Which not to be confused with your traditional B to B CRMs. It's really more about for marketers, really an environment that really helps facilitate personalization and bring in data of all sorts. And then of course, the emphasis on AI machine learning with machine learning, being an important tactic within that AI umbrella to really help marketers really scale and automate processes to the tune that they could never reach, which is millions and millions of transactions.

Nick: Yep. Yep. And a lot of innovation happening in the platform on that front for sure.

Patrick: Yeah. And so you had a panel with the product management leadership earlier this week and would love for you to kind of recap that a little bit for us here. Kind of the quick summary version but you teed up these four topics nicely with the team. Good discussion with Manoj Das, Wes Barkwill, Ian Short. Maybe you could talk about that first theme, it's creating a value exchange with consumers.

Nick: Yep, absolutely. Absolutely. And if you missed the panel, I'd encourage you to go check it out on demand. Patrick, at Cheetah we believe that it's really necessary to create that value exchange from moment one in the customer relationship, we developed a lot of really innovative tech to help you as marketers make that happen. Our branching experiences that deliver next best experience functionality, getting that data in real time, back into the platform to feed audience selection and even feed predictive audience models. Some really good stuff happening in the kind of value exchange area.

Patrick: Yeah. That first touch acquisition and you're starting to build that relationship, the value exchange. We bring in that great data. We enrich the profiles when we can do a lot more downstream and in real time to support that. And it's just exciting to see all the innovation there. And theme number two is moving from static kind of classic batch oriented engagement to more real time. And how did you guys attack that?

Nick: Indeed. We hit on it. We've all been trying to get that right message to the right user at the right time and do so at scale. And we have the tools at Cheetah Digital to make that happen right now. High elastic sending at scale with decisioning in real time at the time of send. At scale delivering huge audiences. Personalization at scale with intelligent offers. We get in deep on that. Cross channel engagement and our journey designer tool, our library custom journey, existing journeys as well as the ability to create custom journeys and leverage those journeys across all channels, incorporating advanced decisioning at each step. Some really powerful stuff when it comes to engaging in real time.

Patrick: Yeah. It's really exciting. It's an area that I've really been passionate about for many years, this concept of real time marketing and it has a lot of meetings, but essentially it's about being able to react in the moments that matter with consumers and really provide all the tools and capabilities and use cases to support that. The next theme is unifying loyalty in marketing engagement. These worlds are really coming together very natively for customer retention marketing programs. Maybe we can talk about that.

Nick: Indeed, indeed. And we have been laser focused on enabling marketers with tools to drive longterm loyal customer relationships. We have some really differentiating technology that we're excited to be bringing to market. Leveraging core elements of loyalty programs across all marketing programs and the ability to leverage data across all programs. Driving transactional loyalty through specialized integrations, online ordering and point of sale developments, as well as the ability to create audiences based on product snapshots and affinity groups. A lot of great stuff happening, connecting loyalty to marketing engagement overall.

Patrick: Definitely. I feel like there's a whole world of loyalty technology that doesn't necessarily need to be pigeonholed into just a loyalty scenario. Taking advantage of all these great capabilities and weaving them into that customer journey for marketers of all shapes and sizes and different verticals, I think is what we're trying to achieve here. And there's just a wealth of use cases and capabilities for our customers to take advantage of. Number four is kind of our words of wisdom here around knowing all that is knowable about customers.

Nick: It's a biggie, it's a biggie. And everything here at Cheetah Digital's underpinned by our platform. Engaging with customers in real time and having ready access to key data sources and the right tools to act on those data sources at scale, it's critical and we've been bringing a lot of innovation to the marketplace in our platform. Integrations ever expanding integration library. Householding, the ability to set up calculated attributes and custom attributes very easily in the platform. And then we get deep into citizen data scientist, which I did another panel on as well earlier in the week with Skylar, where we use machine learning to drive decisioning, leveraging real time signals and building models that really do develop, as you were saying, Patrick, a real B to C CRM system.

Patrick: Yep. The platform is where it's all happening and really our baseline for innovation and really all that we create is connected to and based upon this. Lot more coming from us down the road but those are some great innovation themes. Make sure to check out the innovation panel from innovation week. Lot of our great customers throughout Signals will be having sessions that talk about many of these areas, whether it's VF Corp or Bloomin' Brands or even Pure Archery Group and a number of others. Definitely stay tuned. And there's a lot of great things happening here in the community as well with our customers. We just announced the Cheetah Circle community, a business environment for our customers to be able to go and collaborate with each other, they can learn best practices and even get involved in an advocacy program where they can be rewarded for doing a lot of great things.

Nick: Indeed, indeed. I'm excited about it. A really nice, easy to use interface, a lot of great content there, excited to be welcoming everyone into the Cheetah Circle for sure.

Patrick: Yeah. Cheetah Circle is where you can find all sorts of great content as well as participate in these advocacy programs. And we're going to have Cheetah Learning in the Cheetah Circle environment. Cheetah Learning is over 50 hours of on demand product videos that you can use to just get yourself more updated on how things work in the product and just expand your use cases and expand your horizons on what you can achieve. And so starting this fall, we'll be having videos for Cheetah Learning, right within Cheetah Experiences, right within Cheetah Messaging. And then soon later this year, we're looking at journey design, personalization, loyalty in our platform as well.

Nick: Some great content in there. A bunch of great videos. You can go in there and take them individually or go in and take them as a group. It's a really great resource.

Patrick: Yeah. You can watch the videos at your own pace at any way. We'll also offer those in our help center. In the product, also in the community, we'll make them available for everybody. And these are free by the way. There's no cost to who take advantage of this stuff. We just want to get folks hands on, on the solutions and improve their use cases. Along with the Cheetah Circle community in Cheetah Learning, we also now offer standardized set of support packages. Nick, maybe you can talk about that.

Nick: Yeah. We're excited about our three new packages, free support, standard support and enterprise support. Customers with pretty big sick requirements, generally opt for free support. Support for urgent issues, transparency into incidents, access to the support portal and help center. But increasingly customers are opting to go with our standard support package, which has been beefed up with faster SLAs, more contact methods, channels to contact customer support with and 24 by seven access across the globe. Increasingly, I think customers are going to be choosing our standard support package. And for those who have kind of more demanding requirements, bespoke monitoring and alerting plans, folks that really require a name support engineer. Those folks are going to select our enterprise support package. But a lot of flexibility in our support packages and a great team there to help out 24/ 7.

Patrick: Yeah. Really streamlined and simplified our offerings there. Free, standard and enterprise support packages. You can go to cheetahdigital. com to learn more. And as always, you want to learn more about our products and solutions and where we're headed and get engaged with the learning as well, you can go to our help center. It's a CES help center help. cheetahces. com. And you can find the latest documentation and content there around the product organization. Nick, as always, great to chat and I hope everybody has a great Signal 2021 and we'll talk to you soon.


Join Patrick Tripp & Nick Einstein from the Product Marketing Team at Cheetah Digital for a special PULSE product podcast that will cover new platform innovations, updated support packages, Cheetah Learning, and an overview of our new advocacy and community program. Cheetah customers won’t want to miss this rocking session.

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